John Ellison

Day 38: Day Off

Unfortunately I had a family emergency at the end of Day 37 and needed to take a couple days off to spend time with my family. One of the Clearleft employees heard of my situation and this is what showed up at our doorstep an hour later.

Actions speak louder than words for sure. Really a huge testament to the amazing people that work at Clearleft.

John Ellison

Day 36: Preparing For The Training Value Proposition Design Workshop

I had a relatively scattered 36th Day with three meetings and small time blocks allocated to preparing for the workshop on Day 37. I was preparing all my materials for the workshop and also going over the structure that Andy P and I had designed. I decided to look at the workshop's flow in regards to divergence, convergence and decision making.

I used this sketch to help me think visually and understand the progression of the workshop.

This sketch helped me realize that there was a bit of a flaw in our workshop structure. I asked for some feedback from Mikey Allan, a UI Designer at Clearleft, and he was amazingly helpful at helping me think through the workshop structure. He also identified a few points that could create difficulties in the actual workshop.

I knew Mikey had run many workshops before and so every bit of advice he gave me was like gold. It is so helpful to be able to ask for feedback from a diverse audience within an organization and expect to receive dynamic and insightful insight in return.

John Ellison

Day 35: Reading 'Designing the Conversation'

In preparation for my workshop this week, I read Russ Unger's 'Designing the Conversation' over the weekend.

John Ellison

Day 34: Clearleft Family BBQ

Thanks to Anna Roback and Tessa Watson, we had a lovely family BBQ on Saturday.

John Ellison

Day 32: Designing The Next Training Project Workshop

I had a great time working with Andy P. to design the next workshop for the training project. We started off the session looking at our end destination and we worked backwards to figure out what steps were necessary for us to get there. I'd never worked in that way before, and it was really fun learning something knew from Andy P. I have a feeling he's got more tricks up his sleeves...

John Ellison

Day 29: Reading 'Designing The Conversation'

Day 29 of my time at Clearleft was a bank holiday, so I decided to prepare for my playback later in the week by reading through 'Designing the Conversation' by Russ Unger, Brad Nunnally and Dan Willis. I won't go into full detail about my notes, but I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in getting a high-level understanding of what is necessary to be a successful facilitator. It gives great insights, provides solid foundations and references other texts for further reading.

It's a great read for sure.

John Ellison

Day 11: Clearleft Training — Sketching Personas & Listing Assumptions

Andy P. and I began collating our research surrounding the world of demand for design training and started sketching out some initial personas and listing out our assumptions surrounding these personas. Listing our assumptions in a visual manner helps remind us all the assumptions that need to be tested or thrown away.