John Ellison

Day 36: Preparing For The Training Value Proposition Design Workshop

I had a relatively scattered 36th Day with three meetings and small time blocks allocated to preparing for the workshop on Day 37. I was preparing all my materials for the workshop and also going over the structure that Andy P and I had designed. I decided to look at the workshop's flow in regards to divergence, convergence and decision making.

I used this sketch to help me think visually and understand the progression of the workshop.

This sketch helped me realize that there was a bit of a flaw in our workshop structure. I asked for some feedback from Mikey Allan, a UI Designer at Clearleft, and he was amazingly helpful at helping me think through the workshop structure. He also identified a few points that could create difficulties in the actual workshop.

I knew Mikey had run many workshops before and so every bit of advice he gave me was like gold. It is so helpful to be able to ask for feedback from a diverse audience within an organization and expect to receive dynamic and insightful insight in return.