John Ellison

Day 90: Lunch, Gifts, and Goodbyes (for now)

1 min read

On my last day of work at Clearleft, the team took me out to an amazing lunch at a great British pub, they bought me an incredible book (and a PLANT!), wrote me lovely hand-written cards and made me wear a Frozen wrapping paper as a cape...

It has been an incredible adventure, one that I have had the great pleasure of documenting over the past 90 days. I'd like to say thank you to everyone at Clearleft for the roles they played in helping make my time here all that it has been.

I am so blessed to know these people and to have made great relationships with the wonderful folks at Clearleft.

If you're thinking of working at Clearleft, think no further! It's a place like no other... Can't speak more highly of my time here.

I'm planning to write a 90-day recap later (once I've got a bit of perspective and have some more time).

Goodbye (for now) Clearleft!

John Ellison