John Ellison

Day 65: Writing Blogs & Preparing for Playback

1 min read

Day 65 was a pretty straight forward day. I worked on a few blog posts for the Training Project and the Brand Refresh. Afterwards I worked on the slide deck for the Training Project Playback on Day 66. I didn't have much time to put together the level of content I would have liked, but I got a basic structure setup so that we could look through the deck together on the morning before the presentation and get on the same page.

I am definitely looking forward to the playback on Day 66. I am most of the way through Act II of my time here at Clearleft and this seems like a perfect climax. I feel great about the concepts we're presenting and couldn't be happier about the time spent developing them.

I learned a lot from the process and can't wait to share my learning on the Clearleft blog.