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Day 56: Testing The Purpose Workshop & Working On Concepts

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Purpose Workshop With Wolfcub Digital


The awesome crew over at Wolfcub Digital was kind enough to join us in a dress rehearsal for a workshop centered around finding your organizational purpose. It was really cool to see the character and charisma of their agency.

I think Wolfcub Digital were the perfect people to experiment with this workshop. They came with an open mind and a strong sense of their purpose as an organization and as individuals. They'd spent a fair amount of time uncovering their brand in recent months and so a lot of these thoughts were close to the forefront of their mind.


Along with purpose, social change, creativity and positivity, we talked about Rocky Balboa a few times (check out the blog post behind it). Other than getting to know an awesome group of people a little bit better, I think we had ourselves a good time...

Having explored their website before the workshop, I was quite familiar with the quality and breadth of their work. It was inspiring to see how a team of three people could have such a massive impact on a wide range of projects with big clients:


The workshop went well (I hope it provided some value to John, Dominic and Fran over at Wolfcub), and we spent a fair amount of time reflecting upon what worked and didn't work. In addition to the feedback we received from Wolfcub Digital, we had a few insights of our own as well.

James took the reigns on deconstructing and reconstructing the workshop. He brought Ellen and I into the recap session to test his conclusions. It was amazing to see the velocity with which James works. Diverging and converging with such momentum and intensity takes a lot of energy but I guess like many masters of their craft, James seems to make it look easy...



Working on Training Project Concepts

In between the Purpose Workshop and our little workshop recaps, I spent my time working on training project concepts. I employed the use of my sticky-note proposition exercise along with sketches on note cards to help articulate and refine the concepts.

I've definitely gotten better at using an idea to further the project and then throwing that idea away without any attachment. It's become a more liberal and fruitful process when I am not emotionally tied to each individual idea along the process.




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