John Ellison

Day 53: Purpose Workshop Brainstorming

2 min read

purpose workshop brainstorming

After re-writing Sam's story, I joined James Box and Ellen de Vries on a workshop brainstorming session. The purpose of the workshop was to help generate professional purpose statements for individuals within an organization and to use those individual statements as the seed for forming an organizational purpose statement.

This was a really exciting brainstorming session because we got to explore some amazing questions, some of which include:

  • How do we define purpose?
  • What makes up a good purpose statement?
  • Is there anything that we can use to form a purpose statement from the 'negative space' of an activities outputs?
  • How do individual purpose statements relate to organizational purpose?
  • How does personal purpose relate to professional purpose?
  • What role does time play in the formation / perception of purpose?

We are going to be running a mock workshop with some amazing folks from Wolfcub Digital, along with Curtis James and his partner.

Here are some of the sketches James used to help give definition to our brainstorming session:

purpose workshop brainstorming sketch 1

purpose workshop brainstorming sketch 2

purpose workshop brainstorming sketch 3

purpose workshop brainstorming sketch 4

Workshop Outline

By the end, we had a rough workshop outline:

purpose workshop outline brainstorming sketch 5

I'm really looking forward to trying this out on Day 56. It's been a really fun exploration and has gifted all of us with interesting insights into the world of purpose and the role that it plays in a brand.