John Ellison

Day 50: Training Project Content Brainstorming

1 min read

After the rebrand kick off meetings I decided to spend some time thinking about my content strategy for writing about the Training Project in retrospect. Andy Budd asked if I'd like to write about the project in general as well as the Hero Personas that we generated as an artefact of the project.

I sketched out some initial ideas and spent some time thinking about the audiences as well as the questions that I'd like to answer through the post(s). Here are the sketches I came up with:

 training project timeline recap

training project questions to answer

training project outputs and artefacts hero personas and hero journeys story ux

training project activities and stages

Hopefully I will be able to continue building a content strategy as we move this project forward so that I can write useful content for the Clearleft blog and others can learn about the process of the project.