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Day 50: The Emergence of A Parti

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A Little Background

By the end of Day 50, I felt as though I had gotten the Training product/service concept to a pretty good stage of clarity, but on the night of Day 50, I had an idea that took the product concept to another level.

I met a guy named Adam at the SYS event. Adam had this idea for a startup. He pitched me his idea and told me that he had met Dave, the founder of SYS, at a Lean Coffee meetup earlier this month.

Lean Coffee is an event that is put on by Lawrence and Carlos—two awesome guys who run the Happy Startup Camp. It's a really interesting event that puts a diverse group of people into a room and gets them talking about a range of topics. The Lean Coffee I went to was an amazing experience and I couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone interested in purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

The Happy Startup Camp was one of the places besides Clearleft that I visited when I first came to Brighton. I am really inspired by the work that they are doing and wish I could get involved more...

As I was listening to Adam talk about his startup and his journey as a sports journalist to create a digital product, something clicked.

It took my conscious mind a while to catch up, but I nodded my head and saw a convergence of thought as he spoke. I hope I didn't look like I was gazing off into the distance thinking about something totally different while he talked... Well, I guess that's probably what happened.

An Ecosystem of Thought

I saw the world of design education in my mind. I saw the world of purpose-drive entrepreneurship . I saw a community of people trying to figure out how to launch products that solve real problems for real people. I saw a community of people needing to work on real projects in order to learn their craft. Why hadn't these two worlds come together before?

I thought about these ideas as my wife and I drove home from the event. I got home and lay myself down to sleep. I felt the current of ideas swimming beneath my pillow.

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